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Vagabond Kids: Mt. Merapi, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mt. Merapi, Yogyakarta Indonesia

In March we had the opportunity to travel to Yogykarta on the island of Java Indonesia and spent each morning waking up to the view of the amazing, beautiful and volatile Mt. Merapi from our dining room window. Yesterday we heard she had exploded again, proving that the group of seismologists and volcanists who were studying the mountain in March while we were there were correct in assessing it as a hot spot for near term volcanic activity

In case you hadn't heard the volcano erupted yesterday, killing over 25 people. Memories and comparisons to the Mt. St. Helen's eruption that I witnessed as a child are obvious.

I am keeping the lovely people of Java in my mind as they deal with the deaths of loved one's from her most recent eruption and those Indonesians dealing with the Tsunami in Mentawai.

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