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Vagabond Kids: Before the Vagabond Kids: Vagabond Kristy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Before the Vagabond Kids: Vagabond Kristy

French Border
The border between Kehl, Germany and Strasbourg France 1985

Where's Heidi? Germany

Somewhere near Berchtesgaden Germany 1985

Long before there were two amazing Vagabondkids, before there was a husband who would become the Vagabonddad even there was a girl who dreamed of traveling the world. I first went off to Germany and Austria the summer of 1985 for my first real international trip. My next major adventure was 7 years later with a trip through Asia and across Russia ending in Berlin before a flight back to Oregon.

In the Kremlin

The Kremlin, Moscow Russia, 1992

I spent the weekend going through old negatives and uploading a few to Flickr. There are about 150 rolls of film , in varied degrees of decay, that need to be scanned. Negatives that should be cleaned before they are scanned as you can see from these scans there are pock marks scrapes and scratches.

Victory Monument

Berlin Victory Monument 1992

Then there was the trip with my new husband to a beach in Mexico on the first of what would become a life together of trips. His willingness to let me jump off for a solo trip to Japan, and later a trip to Beijing and 6 months of language study before coming home. The final trip, ultimatly ending in our move overseas.

Golden Shrine Kyoto Japan 1996

Kyoto Japan, 1996

As you may know, I am a scrapbooker too and looking through these old images reminds me why I want to share these pictures and stories with the Vagabondkids. I hope they are inspired to travel around the world and see the wonderful things life has to offer, home and abroad. Anyway enjoy the shots, because I am and there are more on my flickr account if you are interested. So, what are you waiting for? Dig out those old pictures and let me see them!

Beijing China 1997

Beijing Alley 1997

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