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Vagabond Kids: Hotel Review-Westin Kuala Lumpur

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hotel Review-Westin Kuala Lumpur

(Photo from SPG.Com)

The other day I met some younger travelers while they were here in Singapore and we started discussing travel around the region and one of the topics was hotels. Traveling with a family has meant, in many cases, no more hostels or super cheap budget digs. Now we find ourselves looking at hotels and balancing the cost between high end and practical. While I love me a 5 star hotel, often we can do with a little less flash and save some money, but sometimes when you have points (like I do with SPG) or if you can work side trips while traveling for business, you can have the 5 star hotel for a reduced rate. My main criteria for a hotel is it must be clean, service must be good and it must be family friendly. If the pool is good, that is a bonus.

The Westin KL meets all of those needs. Really the only downside to the Westin KL is that the cost is commensurate with the location and the name brand. I admit, I am a regular at the KL Westin, it is my hotel of choice now when I travel for work and it is one of my "preferred" hotels for corporate rates. What I love about the hotel is the fact that the staff is friendly, recognize me and ask about my kids and when they are coming the next trip. Most of the staff remember my name (well after 40+ nights this year I would hope they recognized me!) and they often assist us with upgrades if room is available.

Westin Kuala Lumpur Room (Photo from SPG.Com)

The pros of this hotel are the location. Just off Bukit Bintang, you can walk to most of the shopping areas and the high end Pavillion Mall (with a good food court) is just across the street. The hotel is within walking distance to Jalan Alor as well as the Kraf Kompleks. The hotel pool is big, but chilly in the afternoon due to shade, so morning swims are the ticket. The Westin Workout Gym is exceptional and the Kids Club is a welcome spot for kids so mom and dad can enjoy a few minutes to themselves.

View of the Kitchenette in the Residence Rooms

The cons for this hotel are as I mentioned before the price, this hotel is five star and you pay for it. The breakfast buffet is huge with stations spreading far and wide, but at 68RM it is not a cheap eat. The kids club tends to be better for young kids (under 5) and as mentioned the pool is chilly in the afternoons. My only other complaint is that there is not a "spa" so I go next door to the Marriott for my massage when it is needed.

Westin Suite
(My suite from my last cool is that!)

All in all, I do like the Westin, it is one of my favorite hotels in Kuala Lumpur. If you can score an upgrade try to get into the residences where the rooms feature a kitchenette, separate bedroom and an office. Otherwise standard rooms are what you expect, clean and roomy with the Westin Heavenly Bed as a bonus.

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At September 21, 2010 at 2:00 PM , Blogger witsandnuts said...

We'll stay here the next time we're visiting Kuala Lumpur. :)


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