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Monday, June 21, 2010

Travel Plans: Reading and Links

Part of being a frequent traveler is knowing that sometimes plans will change. We found this out last week as we had to reschedule a six week trip to the US due to the Vagabondboy being sick and in hospital. After multiple phone calls, many hours online and multiple switches (and switch backs) we were able to salvage a portion of the trip. No, this is not a normal reschedule, much of the trip this summer was on miles and points so we were at the mercy of the airlines. BUT... what I did start thinking about was how to fill a portion of that time. We are not able to leave Singapore until July 7th, so we have gone ahead and done another quick trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit some of our favorite hot spots. The kids are disappointed, it means only one day at Disney this trip, but we get to go home to the States (although Jeff and I call it home, the kids think of Singapore as home) and Disney and Legoland are still on the agenda.

So, while we are not currently on the road this week, we are planning our next trip. We love to dig out old guidebooks and read through old magazines for places we want to get to next. The other "downtime" activity that I have been trying to catch up on is my blogs. I love reading about some of the other traveling parents out there, the places they go, the things they do. For me it is better than a guide book. While I do love reading guidebooks and they are a good jumping off point, I love the real life-real advice you get from blogs and twitter.
Guidebooks tend to be so general, are not really family oriented and tend to be out of date before you even buy them. But I find that blogs are imperfect, spelling errors, blurry pictures, frustrations and rants. You know, real people and real places, real recomendations. I love being on Twitter (you can follow me here)
So, without further adieu... I have a blog list for you. Not fancy, no super graphics. Just my favorite go to websites for for dreaming about the next trip to take. The list is far from complete and is still growing so if you want to be listed, just let me know! Oh and I am also building a fan page on Facebook (which you can "like") here... I will be doing a give away over there soon, so join the page now!

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