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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out Sick

After a crazy trip to Portland Oregon to renew a drivers license, then off to Dallas Texas for a 2 week work trip, I found myself here for a un-planned detour in my often busy travel schedule.

Gleneagles Hospital Singapore

Right before I left I had an ultrasound done, found I had some gallstones and thought about what this meant and if I could postpone surgery until after the summer. I made it through 2 weeks in DFW, only to wake up the day I left for a 32 hour door to door trip with my symptoms back in full force. I figure I was passing the gallstones in the Dallas Airport, I was feverish shaky and in lots of pain and by god, I was going home.

So when I returned to Singapore, I had planned on writing and posting about a number of our trips around the region, planning on building up our tip sections and getting additional data for future travels. But instead after confirming with the surgeon and knowing I didn't want to spend my summer in a hospital back in the States, I spent the last week and a half planning for and undergoing a Gallbladder surgery. So I am now laying in bed, recovering and slowly getting back to the net, twitter and planning our next big huge family trip around the Pacific Northwest and the greater Los Angeles Area. So posts a coming and thanks for stopping by!



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