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Vagabond Kids: Taiwan with Kids Guest Post by Julie K

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taiwan with Kids Guest Post by Julie K

My pal Jaylene K, surfing on a spoon in Ying Ge

It has been one of those weeks, traveling alone, without the vagabond kids. So, when that happens and life gets in the way of me posting regularly, I plan to feature friends and fellow travelers on this blog. Today's post is from my dear friend Julie K in Taiwan. Julie is a Canadian who traveled to Taiwan, fell in love with a wonderful man and now is making her life in the suburbs of Taipei with her husband and two cutie kids.

Ying Ge is a great town in the northern part of Taiwan, just a short drive from Taipei. Here is a great post on Ying Ge (the town) and following is Julie's post about taking her children to this great little spot. Definitely a wonderful place to hang with your kids as you travel around Asia while getting a taste of real Asian culture and heritage.
Here is Julie's post on Ying Ge the pottery town in northern Taiwan.

Ying Ge Pottery Town
April 12, 2010

We love to visit Ying Ge, and I wish we could do it more often. We went
there recently to make some bowls and I’ll share a sneak peek of them with

This was Jayden’s first time making pottery and he loved it.

Ying Ge also has a fun park with larger than life teacups, saucers and

If you could make something from clay right now what would it

For more about Taiwan, living as a parent in Taiwan and some great creative kids projects visit Julie's blog and check out her Flickr too!

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