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Vagabond Kids: JW Marriott-Phuket Thailand

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JW Marriott-Phuket Thailand

Hands Down- this is my Favorite Kid Friendly Hotel in Asia (so far!). How can you go wrong with a hotel that caters to family vacations, has a fantastic beach (the water is not always safe for swimming though so please take note and be careful) and has circus training for kids?

The "Blue Pool" next to the "owners" portion of the property, but open to all guests.

Sunset ceremony in the Main Lobby

First, a disclaimer this hotel is part of the Marriott Vacation club. You do not have to be a member to use the hotel, only half of it is earmarked for the Vacation Club, but there are a few hard core travelers that want nothing to do with a 'time share'.

My advice, if you want to attend the look-see and get a discounted room package, it is a great way to get a cheaper room for 90 minutes of your time. If on the other hand, you hate time shares with all of the passion reserved for those most in depth hates of your existence, don't go on the look-see.

Family Pool and Pool side bar/snack bar

The JW Marriott, one of the top end hotels in the Marriott Chain, is at the northern most part of the Phuket Island. The location is great for a private weekend break. The property has four swimming pools, a golf course is being built, a spa, over 10 F&B outlets and lots more. A few of my favorite ammenities is the "Adult" only pool so if you need a break from the kids, I highly recommend sending them and your spouse to the kids pool and you can laze by the sun with a coconut drink in hand at the adult pool!

Reading area used for Kids Beds

Our kids (at the time of writing) are still small and we try to use room size to our advantage, we try not to get roll-aways or extra beds when ever possible. Our kids at 6 and 7 and can still share a bed with each other or one of us if we get two queen size beds or two kings, but most Asian hotels do not offer that option, giving only a single king or twin beds. While the Twin room at the Marriott contains two beds, the beds, slightly larger than US size twin beds, are not really big enough to share, but the rooms are huge and have a really cool "reading" lounge with Thai style floor cushions. The kids love to sleep on this raised platform and call it the sleeping porch! We can get a king bed for ourselves and the kids are able to sleep on the cushions. The rooms also have nice little porches that are great for mom and dad enjoying a glass of wine while the kids run rough-shod in the room!

My Nephew Owen, swinging away at the Circus Class.

The kids club is great with activities for younger and older kids, movies in the afternoon and the circus training taught every day. The hotel is located on a national marine reserve so hotel has a set back from the beach, the maximum height of buildings is 3 stories and the hotel has to teach turtle awareness as part of the right to be at the site. Every year the Leatherback Turtle will nest outside on the beach and I have heard that during nesting season they close the beach unless you are accompanied by a park/hotel guide.

The food is also great, but be aware it is near US pricing for food at the restaurants on the facility and the availability of other food involves a drive off the property.

Rack Rate is US$ 250 per night but off season you can get rooms for as low as US$135.00

Phuket is a short 1.5 hour flight from Singapore and you can get budget airlines for as low as US$100 round trip.

  1. Clean Excellent rooms
  2. Great Kids club and activities
  3. Four pools
  4. Circus Training
  5. Beautiful Beach
  6. Off Season Rates (May-August)
  7. Close to airport
  8. Huge Buffet Breakfast
  9. Cafe with snacks, bakery, mini-store and coffee!


  1. Location is far from the "hot spots" and night life.
  2. Food costs are more than other Thai spots

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