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Vagabond Kids: Legoland California-Review

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Legoland California-Review

Legoland-not my cup of tea

Okay, I will admit that I am a Disney fan. I think Disney rocks. But with an 8 year old boy who was just itching to go to Legoland in California, we did a trek down to California’s Legoland. Okay, second confession, the kids did enjoy themselves. It was the adults that pretty much thought Legoland stunk.

First, it was the weather. Now, that is not like Legoland had any control over the freakishly cold weather, but it just didn’t help. Second, 12 bucks to park. Third, admission fees of nearly 400 for a family of 4. That was just to get into the park. Once in the park a number of the activities had “additional” payments required. In my opinion that really sunk the whole experience for me and we had passed purgatory and moved directly into the 7 levels of hell.

My specific pet peeves were, single loading rides. Nearly all of them. This created long lines of up to 60 minutes for a half a minute not really exciting ride. Additional charges for specific activities. The fact that I felt the whole park was just a giant store for Lego, and the to top it off, when you try to use your Lego VIP card… you are told that this is not a Lego store and the cards don’t work.

The kids (and I did too) enjoyed mini-land. But many of the lego structures looked worse for wear, needed “re-touching” and frankly a good old fashion cleaning. Next time, I will skip Legoland and just give the kids 200 bucks in a lego store.

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